Plot Synopsis

Plot Synopsis

 COURAGE TIMES THREE is the inspiring story of three courageous women, born in the era of WWI and WWII in Europe, enduring life’s most difficult challenges with the everlasting belief  they were always carried by their Heavenly Father.

Meet Madeleine, born into a poor peasant family of Jewish faith in the first decade of the 1900’s, narrowly surviving the brutality of famine and disease in southwestern Germany.  Losing her parents to death at the fragile age of ten years, she kept afloat with unbelievably stoic wherewithal, always hanging on to her one true belief in God.  Rather than being placed into an orphanage, she was taken in by a well-to-do Aunt and Uncle in France where she was afforded the best life could offer.  Madeleine never took for granted the privileges that had been so favorably bestowed upon her.  A blessed marriage and beautiful daughter fulfilled her every dream until the second world war changed  life forever.  There was only one thing that could bring Madeleine happiness once again.  Would she ever find it?

Next, meet Lilly, Madeleine’s daughter, born into a family of wealth and influence in northern France in the year 1925.  At the tender age of fourteen years, Lilly was sent underground to avoid probable capture and death by the Nazis during WWII.   During this grueling period of time in life Lilly faced the unfathomable challenge of merely staying alive.  Following three years spent in desolate living quarters her strong faith and fervent prayers provided her an out, saving her life.  While remaining underground in a new location for an additional two years, Lilly found the love of her life and a job that kept her afloat until the war’s end.  Life with her new love, Valentin, is filled with suspense and excitement as they pave their way through unknown territories from continent to continent, discovering a world full of purpose for every living being on earth.

Last but certainly not least,  meet Lorraine, Lilly’s sister-in-law, born in the late 1920’s near Krakow, Poland into a dirt poor family as well.  Her parents’ merciless killings by the German Gestapo in 1939 painfully placed herself and two younger sisters into life-threatening situations.  Lorraine, at thirteen years of age, found herself the new mother of eight and nine year old siblings.  Tossed into a rail car heading to the Baltic Sea by a well meaning neighbor, he hoped to save them from likely death.  The trials and tribulations faced by these young girls were, at times, unspeakable.  Yet, with God as their protector, they were led into the hands of servants in a monastery on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.  Having lost their parents to death and being separated from four siblings, with no knowledge of their whereabouts, the girls lived as a unit together in an orphanage for several years.  In their young adult lives, they would face separation once again, but not forever.

Every challenge these women faced was eased by their strong Christian convictions.  Faith and hope traveled alongside them from tragedy to triumph.  From Europe to America, they were guided to plentiful opportunities the melting pot of the world had to offer in the 1950’s.  Their lives intertwined with the joys and sorrows of extended family along with other emigrants seeking new lives in the United States.

A compelling story of appreciation in all they received, along with the perseverance undeniably required to rise above their losses, provides readers with  encouragement and assurance for a better life.

Continued travels throughout America and Europe provide these exceptional women, these pillars of strength, with many pleasures and continuous reminders that this is only a temporary stop in our spiritual lives, experienced within the human realm.

I feel this novel would attract Christian, historical and elderly readers as the historic events are accurate.  Embrace exciting new love along with the burning sting of love lost.  Alluring scenery throughout this family saga carries readers to fabulous vacation destinations.  A central focus on appreciating our American freedom of speech, worship, education and a host of other inalienable rights reign true for millions.

What is comforting about this saga is that it gives readers limitless hope throughout its entirety when learning of others’ misfortunes, providing  a sense of abiding strength and endurance.


Health Canada presides over launch of billion-dollar free market in marijuana

My Novel

My Novel

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An open letter by top ME/CFS doctors to HHS

Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

I’m very, very sick with a reemergence of my original symptoms (drenching night sweats, chills, fever, headache, nausea), so I might be gone for a while.

Reposting from Quixotic: My M.E. Blog:

By now everyone in the ME/CFS community (in America anyway) is familiar with the controversy over the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hiring an outside contractor to develop a new definition of ME/CFS. If you’ve somehow missed everything that’s occurred on this front in the past month, here’s the 50 peso version:

HHS announced that they were going to hire an outside contractor to, among other things, redefine ME/CFS and create diagnostic criteria. The leading candidate was a company called the Institute of Medicine (IOM). IOM had previously been hired to conduct similar work related to Gulf War Syndrome and, by most accounts, completely botched the job, leading to much frustration by GWS sufferers…

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Would you follow your calling?

FaithGateway Women

Undaunted: Daring to Do What God Calls You to Do

Sought-after teacher Christine Caine will take you on a journey through the stages of pain and loss that ultimately lead to hope, healing, and a new                          beginning. Through Caine’s own dramatic life story, you will be challenged – with God’s help – to overcome fear and find your own calling.                        
The Call

Have you ever walked into a place and been shocked as people popped out from behind the doors and furniture and shouted, “Surprise!” at the top of their lungs? If you have, you know the feeling of being both                          startled and delighted at the same time. Once your heart rate drops to normal, the adrenaline stops coursing through your veins, and you realize what is happening, you are delighted that these people have gathered                          to celebrate your birthday or other special event. They have planned, communicated, and gathered to surprise you and let you know you are loved. Everyone enjoys a surprise . . . when the news is good.
                                 Sometimes we face a moment when we receive news that startles us and redefines our life. With one line, a letter in the mail, a text message, or conversation, the landscape of our future looks completely different.                        
                                 A woman receives a call from her doctor’s office asking her to come in so they can review the results of the mammogram she had a few weeks earlier. She senses the news is not good, but has to wait two days to meet                          with the doctor. When she gets the report and learns that she has cancer, she enters a time of asking, Who am I, and what does my future hold?
                                 An employee who has devoted fifteen years to the same company opens an envelope from his boss which begins, “We want to thank you for your years of service,” and ends with, “we are downsizing, and your position has                          been removed.” The words on this single sheet of paper cause him to wonder, Am I the same person now that my job is gone?

How should we respond when we face a moment that makes us feel we are not who we thought we                          were? Where do we look when the foundation of our life seems to shake, crack, and crumble beneath our feet?

I Have Not Forgotten You (Sept 26)

God is here with us at all times whether you feel Him or not. Have faith and trust in Him to help you with whatever struggles you are dealing with.

pastor jeff's neighborhood

September 26
I Have Not Forgotten You

Today’s Scripture Readings: Psalm 106:32-39 | Isaiah 48:12-50:11 | Ephesians 4:17-32 | Proverbs 24:5-6

Today’s Scripture Focus: Isaiah 49

But Zion said, “The LORD has forsaken me; my Lord has forgotten me.” (Isaiah 49:14 ESV)

Have you ever wondered if God had forgotten about you? Sometimes our prayers seem to go on unanswered for so long that we think he has forgotten us. Sometimes the circumstances of our lives are difficult and painful and we wonder how God could ever allow us to go through such a thing.

There are times that we wonder. There are times we may even say it: “The LORD has forsaken me; my Lord has forgotten me.” It may be a statement that is true to our feelings, but it is never really true. God never forgets his people. He never forsakes us.

Isaiah goes on to say:…

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Received by God Through Faith, not our own doing….

“Every child of God knows that he received Christ ‘by faith’, and not in, and through, or by any perishable ordinance.

“It is a mistake to teach that completeness in Christ by faith is not sufficient, but that some rite, ceremony, or type, administered by human hands, is necessary to completeness and obedience.

“Many Christians believe that carnal ordinances are obligatory now: many others do not. But if we have the Spirit of Christ, we will not ignore and disfellowship those who differ from us in respect to these outward, earthly things.”~~Amos H. Gottschall


And even though I HAVE (more-or-less) “disfellowshipped” SOME of these, it has never been for any OTHER reason than that they and I had become more of a hindrance than a help to each other. It’s not just fools (Psalm 14:1), or pigs and dawgs (Matt. 7:6) or the “dead” (from the neck up–Matt. 8:22) I have put in the “Block”-house here on Facebook. There are also those with whom it has been made apparent to me that any efforts on my part to be a contributing factor to their Spiritual growth is a waste of redeemable time for their not being able to accept anything I have to offer, and thereby I would be party to putting a stumbling-block before them and they would become an unnecessary encumbrance to my own walk.

Christians should not have to feel like they just MUST “get along” in every way with every other brother- or sister-in Christ they meet. There’s gonna be those few, now and then, that are no more “ready” to have much to do with us than we are with them. But we are all different parts of the body; as surely as our left eye cannot stare into our right eye, neither will we always see eye-to-eye on just every little thing. There’s nothing abnormal about that–most human-families are that way too.

Knowing Your Enemy from Johnny Long


“…You Really Eased My Anxiety That Day…”

This simple act of kindness probably meant as much to the driver as it did to the young intern. God brings us across one another’s paths in many ways. Sometimes we recognize them but not nearly as often as it happens….Have a great day and be kind to a stranger…..

Kindness Blog

you really eased my anxieth that day kindness letter

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Then again, had he been told that one day he’d meet and marry a beautiful mature French woman, he’d likely feel the same exact way about such jibberish.

That is what is so outstanding about this small world. Have you ever been hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your roots, only to run into a familiar face from your younger years? And you try to determine exactly what the odds are of running across that particular person so very far away from the home you had both once known?

God always has his reasons for intentionally causing certain people to cross each others’ paths in life. Are there lessons to be learned in many more instances of our lives that we actually never even grasp unto? Likely so, I would imagine.

It’s hard to believe Lorraine and Fame simply happened to meet one another while he was in Sweden.

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