With Faith, trust and hope Courage Times Three will touch your soul!

Beautiful novel with heart and soul,April 23, 2014

This review is from: Courage Times Three. A Novel (Kindle Edition)
Courage times three is a unique read. There is so much history and tragedy- it is written almost as a memoir. You hear stories and you see shows on television about Nazi’s but nothing prepares you for the full horror of what it was like. Brenda Brown Elliott does it beautifully with heart and soul- and not relying on gimmicky clichés.
The authors voice is so true you could believe that she experienced this events first hand.
Lilly, Madeline and Lorraine are paragons of faith. No matter what life threw at them, they handled it with faith. Battling two world wars and emigrating to America- these women never lost hope.
There is so much more in this book, like Lilly and Valentin’s tender love story that defies all the odds. You just have to read it to believe it. Some label this book as Christian fiction, but I don’t agree. This is a book about love hope and faith and it is for everyone; it shouldn’t be pigeon holed into one genre.
Overcoming is a big theme in the novel and how families cope with adversity and triumph.
For me, on a personal note: This book is an allegory. An allegory on how to succeed at life by having faith. Brenda Brown Elliott and her strong role model characters showed me what every woman should aspire to- true grace.  whttp://www.amazon.com/Courage-Times-Three-A-Novel-ebook/product-reviews/B00EZY2ELA/ref=cm_cr_pr_btm_link_next_2?ie=UTF8&pageNumber=2&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=byRankDescending Courage Times Three

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