Former Brazilian Soccer Player De-capitated…..

Sao Paulo, Brazil (CNN) — João Rodrigo Silva Santos didn’t come home Monday night.

When the former professional footballer’s wife opened the door on her way to work the next morning, she found his severed head on their front step.

The head was inside a backpack, police said. Santos’ eyes and tongue had been gouged out, according to Brazilian media reports.

Player stabbed, referee dismembered over soccer quarrel in Brazil

Now police in Rio de Janeiro are investigating the grisly killing, though they haven’t said who they believe is behind it.

Santos, 35, was a forward for a number of mostly second-tier Rio de Janeiro football teams before retiring and opening a health foods store.

His death comes at a time when football fans worldwide are shifting their focus toward Brazil, which will host the World Cup in 2014.

Late last year, the country announced it was pumping $900 million dollars into its security budget to make the competition “one of the most protected sports events in history.”

World football’s ruling body FIFA had expressed concern about Brazil’s increasing crime rate, particularly in Sao Paulo.

One police official told Brazil’s O Globo newspaper that authorities are investigating whether a recent post on the store’s Facebook page could be connected to the crime. The post showed surveillance footage and asked for help catching shoplifters.

Police plan to compare the images to surveillance footage taken at the shop Monday night, chief homicide investigator Rafael Rangel told the newspaper.

The former football player was last seen Monday night, when two suspects entered his vehicle, CNN affiliate TV Record reported.

On Wednesday morning, police said they found parts of a man’s body in a river outside the city and were testing the DNA to see whether the remains belong to Santos, TV Record said.

Authorities have interviewed 10 witnesses so far in the case, police said.

According to local media, Santos’ wife, Geisa Silva, worked for the police in one of Rio’s shantytowns, but as a social worker giving swimming lessons to children, not as a policewoman.

She told investigators she did not know of any threats made against her husband, according to TV Record.

Some of Santos’ relatives and neighbors told O Globo that he didn’t have any enemies and said they didn’t know what could have motivated the attack.

Brazil boosts World Cup security budget as crime rises

Santos started his football career when he was 16 years old, and played for several Brazilian club teams. He played for the Bangu club team from 1996 to 2005, according to a biography on the club’s unofficial website.

In 1998, he played for Honduras’ Olimpia club. And in 2003 he played for Sweden’s Oster club, the website says.

The website calls Santos a “humble hero,” describing how goals he scored brought victory to another club team he joined.

According to the football news site, Santos left the field earlier this year to focus on his business.

The site reported that club players in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday honored Santos with a minute of silence.


My New, Perfect Little Munchkin


Natural Scenic Beauty

One might sense that Ii thoroughly enjoy the natural scenic beauty Mother Nature provides through God Our Father.  Feasting my eyes on any kind of natural outdoor beauty makes me feel just a bit closer to heaven, how lovely it will be to live life without pain and sin.  We are blessed today and every day with much that God gives us.  Take the time to pay close attention to what we have in our lives that is so blessed. 




How To Tell If Your Dog Is Involved In A Sex Scandal

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Involved In A Sex Scandal

too true to be real……..but, sadly, it is


Missing my babies!

I find myself wondering how I ended up living so very far away from my children and grandbabies.  It happened years back when I learned my ex was having an affair.  We had lived together for 22 years and it was obvious the relationship had outlived anything good that had once survived in the lengthy duration of emotional abuse for me.  Alcohol played a huge role in his daily life which became absolutely intolerable to me as I reached closer and closer to our Heavenly Father.


I tried staying in the house we had just purchased but emotionally I was just too distraught to continue on with my job or to be responsible in almost any way.  I was lost.  I was disconnected from life.  I needed to come home to Minnesota, to my roots.  I needed to touch base with my younger years and those people who I was close to in childhood.  I suffered from abdominal pain daily for fifteen months.  My GI doc said it was esophageal spasms from my stress.  This was 2001.


I came home and left my four adult children in Phoenix.  Fast forward to May of 2002.


As I learned to live on my own without my children, grandchildren (2) and ex around life changed hugely for me.  I fell in love with living alone but still was lonely.  Menopause was creeping into my body and I was torn between two lives.  That of a Christian and that of a slightly more loose lifestyle than a Christian (a good way to put it).  I learned how to live alone and not be lonely.  I was dating a man who put me on a pedestal and after an entire lifetime of emotional abuse it was so very refreshing.  But, there is always a but.  He was a closet drinker and could hold more liquor in him while still behaving sober than anyone I had ever known.  That ended my relationship with him but taught me there are good men in the world who would treat me well.  He was a drunk and I had enough of that in my lifetime.


My furnace died in the cute little house I had bought for myself and a propane heater caused poisoning in me. Carbon monoxide!  Eight months later I fell into a deep sleep after a long difficult winter with numerous infections, illnesses, etc.  My heart started acting up and this was the beginning of my chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  I have been sick since.  I lost my job, my house, my car, everything in life.  But one of my symptoms has been continuous profound sweats and fatigue.  Many other issues plagued me daily but I survived somehow.  In the meantime, my family all lived in Phoenix but the insane heat of the Valley of the Sun was too much for me to tolerate living in.  I remained in Minnesota for years, all the while having new grandbabies coming into the world.

Vacations, with my illnesses, generally happened in the winter giving me a much needed break from the intense Minnesota winters but my illnesses prevented me from being able to truly enjoy my grandbabies.  I was always too weak, in pain or sleeping.  I loved my grandbabies but had to keep them at arms length to prevent horrific relapses.


So,  today my twelfth grandbaby was born and as much as I would love to be there to hold him it would be very short lived.  But my new husband, who loves me despite my illnesses, and I, will be purchasing a motorhome and traveling year round.  It is that future that I cling to where I can have my home very near them on wheels.  When I can spend time with them for short spurts and return to the privacy of my protective home.  Sad, but true.  One day I hope they will find a cause and a cure for my CFS and FM, but that day may be in the distance.  I am sixty years old now.  My fifties robbed me of life.  But my faith sustains me and without God in my life, it would be extremely difficult to remain on this earth.


Dylan will be young enough for me to totally enjoy once we travel in the motorhome.  My husband’s back is suffering from trashed disks.  He can drive yet but may not be able to down the line for too long.  I know God will grace us with much goodness and love!  Thanks for taking the time to review my years briskly but thoroughly.






It’s a Boy!

So excited!  I am the proud Grammy of a 7lb. baby boy named Dylan…..I knew it had to be a boy and am very pleased…..God is so good to me and so many others in my life. 


Yeah!  My Secret Angel responded.  I knew you would be here sooner or later.  Thanks dear!

Baby Dylan

This baby’s name is going to be Dylan regardless of the sex.   And that is cool.  I am really anxious right now knowing he/she is nearly here.  Can’t wait to see  photos.  Mom has dark hair (Italian) and my son was always a blondie so he/she will likely be born with dark hair and it will blonde out by a year or two of age.  Seems to happen that way. 

Well, I am just nervously typing away here with nobody responding so I guess I will have something to look back on and laugh, at my jittery nerves.



Come on people.  I thought I would get a few responses about my new grandbaby coming into the world this morning.  Not one!  Where is my support and love?  


Today I will be blessed with a brand spankin new baby boy.  I am guessing it’s a boy as they chose not to have the gender released to them beforehand and it’s so much more exciting.   When I think about new life, checking out that little one for the first time after carrying them within for so long, a thorough exam of all fingers and toes is the first maternal right, of course.

I am 1600 miles away from them  so will not see this baby until it’s grown up a bit.  Probably not until next year when my husband and I start traveling in our motorhome.  What fun that will be.  We can take the family on cruises overnight with no big bucks going out for overnight accommodations.  And our motorhome will be at least a 40ft in length so we will have space. 

When I was a teen, everybody who knew me never thought I would have a large family with four children.  I never planned that either as I had just been to the doctor one day to discuss my getting fixed.  (tubal ligation)  I felt two children in that day and age, and my own preferences, I would be content with my two daughters. 

But God had other plans.  That same night after I saw the doctor was my husband’s last night in this world.  He died in an auto accident leaving me desperately shaken to the bones.  Needless to say my plans for the tubal fell through.   This event was followed by 22years with a new father of two more children, one of whom is bringing his last child into this world.  So I know this is my last grandbaby to come at the age of sixty, (me). 

Excitement is flurrying about.  My phone keeps getting texted, between my four kids and other family members.  Everyone guessing at the height and weight.  Ok!  Starting a new thread cuz more peeps are getting in on the excitement.  I feel in a glorious mood…..brand new life….I’ll keep you all posted….



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