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best inspirational novel personal journey
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Brenda Brown Elliott Courage Times Three A Novel

Three courageous women facing extreme challenges in Europe during WWII begins here. Hope traveled alongside them from tragedy to triumph, Europe to America, to plentiful opportunities. Lives intertwined with joys and  sorrows throughout the story. Appreciation & perseverance are demanded to rise above losses, providing assurance for a better life.


Tomorrow my ebook and paperback will both be available for purchase on Kindle, Amazon and  I’ve got to say I am a bit nervous about it all.  It’s been in the making for so many years, now that it is truly becoming a reality it’s exciting yet a bit unnerving as well.

Just the many wonders of how it will fare out there in the public domain.  Friends, family, strangers.  Will I, through my written words, make an impact on someone’s life for the better by engaging them with belief in God and Jesus Christ?  Can we all rise above that real low that has taken us down somehow?

Generally we do rise above it, until the next slammer blows us down.  A dear Christian friend once told me that she believes our lives are a series of challenges  and through these challenges we grow into what God wants us to effectively be, in serving His purpose  here on Earth.  And sometimes in between the difficulties we get a few good laughs while we are sitting on our mountaintop.  The valley below, depending on the location and time of  year, can be very appealing,  but can be extremely harsh with intense heat like the deserts lying in between mountaintops.

So, right now I am feeling like I am up on the mountaintop, yet that valley is calling to me with a lonely cry stretching up up into the mountaintop so I will never forget the sweat, blood and tears that I had to experience in order to gain some particular lesson in life, the molding and bending of my body and soul creating me in God’s image so to speak.  What He wants me to become before He takes me home for eternity.

I know, without even a shadow of a doubt, as long as I am ME,  I have no doubts of my eternal salvation.  I know God now, I don’t only believe in Him, but I know Him;  through the Holy  Spirit……

Know God's Love, Invite Him into your will never be sorry

Know God’s Love, Invite Him into your will never be sorry



What causes fires?

What causes fires?

How Causes of Fires are determined…    How many times do we see a fire that needs investigating as to how it began?  I have often wondered how on earth they can make an exact determination as to the fire’s origin.  Here is an article to explain how forensics works when making that determination.     As in a person’s autopsy to get a definite cause of death the same holds true for the fires.


The Truth, The Life and The Way

Christian Counselor Visits

Christian Counselor Visits

No matter how difficult it can prove to be, sometimes we

have to tell ourselves that we are somebody all of the time.

Somebody who loves, endures, cries and hopes.

Believe in the Truth, the Life, and the Way.

Jesus will

do the rest for you!

CFS is a temporary disease. We will be

free from it

again one day. Say that to yourself each morning.

And when you place both feet unto the floor when

getting out of bed, remember, Satan is saying

“Oh no,

he/she is awake again!”

Sending warm hugs to all of you hurting out there…….


Life Experience

Life's Lessons

Life’s Lessons

How can we possibly know at a young age what, in life, is best for us?

We believe we know what is…We make somewhat educated decisions.

Our hearts are mostly in the right place

But what has life truly taught us when we are still in our twenties?

Some peeps learn young, others get burned when  they’re young.

The thirties give us a breather in ways, old habits die off keeping troubles at bay.

Then before we know it those babies become teens, who know everything,

just as we did such a short time ago.  How difficult it is to be the ones to rule the

household.  That boyfriend you stayed out all night long with before marriage,

is cracking the whip with you now, keeping those teens in line as best you know how.

Then they are gone off into the crazy world to find out what it is like to  shift for

themselves.  They get burned and spurned.  They have one too many hangovers.

Life teaches them about unfairness, unruliness, cleanliness and forgiveness.

The forties throw at us more pain than we could ever realize.  We don’t have to be

cracking that whip with the kids gone now and we are left with an emptiness so hard to

understand,  to wrap our heads around.  Yet we persevere through those lost years in

our forties, only to emerge into true midlife with just as many hormonal changes as

when we were teenagers.  Blllaaaahhhh!    But once we get through the changes,

physically and mentally, we then triumph in having a learned past that has taught us

how to deal with life’s issues.  Many of us deal with aging health issues and truly turn to

God for guidance and love.  We learn true love of mankind is only achievable through

Him, our Heavenly Father.

Now, I am glad I am sixty.  I made it through my fifties with numerous health issues that

prevent me from even being employable.   Yet, I have the hope and trust in Him that can

overcome any suffering we experience here in this world of sin.  Now I know what my

life is to be until I am gone from this temporary pitstop called life.  Because true life

begins in Heaven.  In eternity with all others who believed in Him while living in this


Thank you Lord for showing me my mission and purpose in this world of sin before my

time here ends.  I have so much to look forward to beyond my death here someday.

God bless each of you and may He provide you with everlasting peace and joy within.

Questioning your own faith!



Is there really a God?

Is there really a God?

Johnny Long

I know of VERY FEW Christians who haven’t at one time or another questioned their own faith (something, by the way, we are told to do, at least occasionally, at II Cor. 13:5). I find it, therefore, encouraging when I consider the following:
“It is a great comfort to true believers, that Jesus Christ knows their faith, and is well pleased with it. Though it be weak, though others do not discern it, though they themselves are ready to question it, it is known to Him.”~~Matthew Henry
In other words: once you are saved, you belong to the Savior–NOT to the “others who are also saved.” There are those of us who have sometimes thought (and do think) it strange that our other brothers- and sisters-in-Christ would have a hard time believing us to be one “OF” them. Maybe–if we’re NOT–it’s beca…use we just might not WANT to be. Consider one other thing:
“…The walk with Jesus Christ outside the camp of man-made religion is thrilling indeed–yea, a spiritual romance without equal. It is a walk wherein we share Christ’s loneliness, His persecution, His being misunderstood, and yet above all we share His exuberant joy and affection.”–Jack W. Langford
There’s no way the truth of this statement can be said any plainer. It is also the only way I know of that anyone can ever find out for themselves that even though there is strength in numbers, the highest number that exists is “Jesus + 1”, if YOU are the “1”. If Jesus has called you forth unto Himself, “without the camp” (Heb. 13:13) it’s not without a purpose (Rom. 8:28). And it surely has SOMETHING to do with HIS Israel (Num. 16:9)–NOT the country at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, but the Israel of God (Gal. 6:16).




I thank Thee for Thy beauty all around me;

I thank Thee for the skies of purest blue,

I praise Thee for the earth and all its bounty;

I feel so blessed by wonders sent from You!

There is no time for doubt or discontentment,

That void is filled with blessings by the score.

My heart is so full and overflowing;

I think that I shall never want for more!

                                                            Mary S. Chevalier

God's Beauty


U.S. Bloggers discuss coping with ME/CFS

U.S. Bloggers discuss coping with ME/CFS

Here is an article which ran on July 2, 2013 on Cort Johnson’s website,  Cort and  I engaged in conversation on how to best deal with the emotional upheavals of living with chronic pain and fatigue.  Cort is a well known and recognized advocate and fellow patient of these numerous illnesses who has spent time at the top with our nation’s reknowned doctors/researchers working in conjunction with one another (sometimes).

Cort has used a type of meditation/Buddhism kind of therapy to give himself the necessary energy, resolve & mind thought required to get out his website daily.  I, on the other hand, recognize my faith in God to carry my heavy loads,  enabling me to live as best I can with the illnesses.

One day as I was surfing the web, so to speak, I came across a website in the U.K. called Action for M.E.   They had copied our article, placing it on their site.  Much to my surprise, this gave me a boost in confidence and energy that was really needed to make me move forward with my blogging and even to create a website of my own, which really taxed my brain but was wonderful.  Finally, something I could do, engaging myself with outsiders in relation to my illnesses and my Faith.

God is good and with patience, determination, and a little bit of  brain power  I now feel much more confident in my writing.  I also had written a novel earlier in my illnesses, mostly while in bed over many months.  God provided an “opening” for me to establish my newest interests while remaining sedentary in my physical well being.


HTTPS:// To order my new novel

Proper URL for ordering your soft cover book tomorrow.

Proper URL for ordering your soft cover book tomorrow.

Again and again I make  changes to this address but I have had to make some changes inside and on the back cover which created new #’s for my createspace account.  Please bare with me and wait a few days for the dust to settle a little.  More yet less….lol  thanks everyone…for your patience..

Getting my life back!


It is still sinking into my head that I can think more clearly, sleep much less and work longer right now than I have in many years.  Going off of gluten and dairy, also very limited sugar, is lifting my ugly symptoms left and right. 

While I know I still have the cfs/fm/me junk, as symptoms are still quite noticeable there, having other symptoms that were real sticklers made life pretty darn difficult, so say the least.  It is said that what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another, and that is sooo true.  But I wasn’t gluten intolerant before my illnesses.  Dairy, yes, because that has been the root cause of my chronic sinusitis for 20+ years.  I cannot imagine,  as a doctor, that they wouldn’t have some awareness of this and advise patients to try going off of a few different food types or drinks. 

So I am saying to all of you out there who have health issues that they know soooo little about and won’t even try to treat you,,,,,  try going dairy and gluten free.  You may be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.  It certainly has improved mine and I thank the Lord for it.  My counselor referred me to a homeopathic psychiatric nurse practitioner who immediately saw my symptoms as being gluten reactive.  All these years I have suffered and many times eating all grain breads, 12 grain breads, etc.  Be wise,  open your eyes, give it a try.  LOL  haha  I am a poet and didn’t even know it.  :o)  Have a great BBE

Love, Laughter, Peaceful Heart

Love, Laughter, Peaceful Heart

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