YMCA book signing event

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a signed copy of my novel, “Courage Times Three” at the Kandiyohi County Family YMCA center in Willmar, Minnesota



Image Charity Mason 


When I first received this book/novel, I couldn’t put it down…that was Chapter 22. To my surprise…I really, really enjoyed it! The human spirit… full of perserverance, determination and wherewithal to overcome extreme mental and physical hardships. If you believe in (a)God, if you don’t believe in (a)God or if you are just not sure…I think this novel will give you pause and show you a grace, even in the worst of places and situations: If you just have something to believe in and total faith in it-you will find your path. My first copy of “Courage Time Three” is paperback & the 2nd-a digital copy to my iphone using my Kindle app-I just love it! I’m not usually much of a reader however, this particular novel has given me ‘the desire’ to read more often. It deeply runs a gamut  of emotions, which I think is why I like it so much and the human side is not much different today as it was then or ever- our technical world is ever changing which affects our interactions but the humanity (and inhumanity) is still with us. I recommend this book as a good read for anyone no matter your age or spiritual belief… If everyone lived by one code alone, “Love Your Neighbor”, this world might be Heaven on Earth.


Snippet from Courage Times Three. A Novel Feb. 6th

$0.99 Feb 7-14...

$0.99 Feb 7-14…

Seeing the last of Lake Michigan the mega-ton ship on to Lake Superior, of Duluth, MN and Superior, WI.  Spring provided generally milder weather with lesser chances of turbulent storms while navigating this ocean-like body of water.   Lake Superior was well known for swallowing more than one great freighter within the cold depths of her soul over the years.  She bore the brunt of early winter’s nasty demeanor, when the gales of November could turn on its predators or friends in a moment’s notice.  Only the fool-hearted would venture out onto those November waves, even the most masterful of captains.

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