Courage Times Three. A Novel, Kindle version on for just 99 cents


Courage Times Three. A Novel


WWII left millions homeless and without families.

 Lilly, Madeleine and Lorraine, three courageous women accomplish unfathomable fetes by merely staying alive throughout the world wars.  Every obstacle was eased by strong Christian convictions.  Faith and hope traveled alongside them from tragedy to triumph,  Europe to America.

 A compelling family saga, their appreciation for life gave way to rising above all losses.

 Continued travels to fabulous vacation destinations provided these pillars of strength with endearing joy and peace, with continuous reminders that this is only a temporary stop in our spiritual lives, experienced within the human realm.


Author Bio

Brenda Brown Elliott


Widowed at age 25, I was left to raise two young daughters alone.  Withstanding other major tragedies at a young age taught me much about life.  Raised a small town girl in northern Minnesota I escaped to new and exciting destinations for several years throughout my lifetime.  A first time author, I’ve lived with chronic illnesses for ten years which developed from carbon monoxide poisoning, preventing me from providing a living for myself.   I spent a generous amount of time while bedridden, creating this story.  As often the story goes, when we hit bottom we might then turn to God.  I was already a born-again Christian. However, the depth of my Christian walk grew tremendously, teaching me how to appreciate all I had in life.  Jesus performed miracles in my life and I received the peace and joy that can only truly come from our Heavenly Father.  I met and married a wonderful Christian man in 2011. We fill a void in each others lives which is centered entirely on the Lord.  God continues to provide us with His gentle love.



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