My Perfect Day!

My Perfect Day!

My Perfect Day!

As many know, I have suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia for over ten years.

Most of the time I am not able to indulge in any lengthy project at home or elsewhere due to a very limited amount of energy which is nearly always prresent in these neuro/immune disorders.  Typical days involve getting the bed made, cleaning up the kitchen, maybe a load of laundry and sweeping the floor.

The majority of my time, therefore, is spent on the computer or watching an interesting documentary or baseball game on the television.  I communicate with so many that I have come to know through wordpress, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.   I love my online friends and feel like I truly personally know them as we share so much together.  This goes for men as well as women.  I have more men friends now than I’ve ever had.  I enjoy you all and hope to keep you as friends and followers for some time to come.

But today was a treat for me.  I was able to get outdoors on a beautiful sunny morning with a light breeze.  My husband delivered numerous six packs of pansies, petunias, marigolds, etc. for beautifying the deck and yard.  This has been a gift.  I was able to spend almost 2 hours planting, digging in the soil, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  My husband was riding the mower so the sweet scent of fresh cut grass permeated my every pore.  Reds, oranges, yellows and purples feasted my eyes and the puppies played in the grass, wrestling and chewing on each other in the newly mowed lawn.  I was in my glory.  I didn’t want the gardening gloves on, I wanted to feel and smell the rich soil fully.

Once I was finished sweating and toiling, lol, I had a quick lunch, still had energy to do the dishes after a lengthy rest, and am now enjoying watching a replay of last night’s Minnesota Twins victory over the Texas Rangers.  It was a sweet win coming in the bottom of the ninth for our team.

Yes, today is a good day.  The leaves have opened up almost overnight after taking forever to come to life with our very cold spring here in Minnesota.  Now we are already moving into tornado season.  Just yesterday a monstrous twister hit the Dakota’s and we live in an area of MN where warnings are frequent.

I love sitting in my chair, looking outdoors to see all of the greenery, the beautiful flowers.  My peonies are already two feet in height and they will provide numerous full bouquets for my home quite soon.  The lilacs are yet to bloom which are absolutely heavenly fragranced.

Today I thank God for my many blessings.  I thank Him for my extra energy to spend outdoors.  I thank Him for His beautiful creation in this world.  God is in my body and soul.  He cares for me every minute of the day.  He took my health challenges and worked them into the best saving grace I could ever have imagined receiving.  Today I am super happy.  Today I look forward to seeing my adult son for the first time in two years.  Thursday he flies into Mpls./St. Paul for a four day visit to see his ailing grandmother.  Life is good.



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