The Accidental Purpose by Mrs. Gina Quarles on

The Accidental Purpose by Mrs. Gina Quarles on

About Gina Quarles
I am recovering from a near-death auto accident I had in January 2012. I am still recovering to date and awaiting another surgery. After my accident, I have had to work out many of my feelings along with plans being suddenly interrupted. I went to what I could do and that was was my writing. Writing provides me with a healthy escape including a creative outlet for expressing myself, and at the same time spreading kindness and some encouragement to the rest of the world. The rewards from doing that are what fuel my passion for writing. I write for healing purposes and pleasure. It is mainly though that process that I find myself caring about the non-tangible things in life. My passion lies within encouraging others, inspiration and hope. That is the main theme of my website. The accident changed my perception of life. My website contains messages of kindness, inspiration and hope for others, along within it, many movements I respect that do the same. I first discovered my passion for writing back in the late 90’s after the birth of my first child. I had worked since my twenties and staying at home was brand new for me. I have published articles on the web back in the 2000’s. Some were on They were under “Thoughts from our readers” under the articles, “A Mother’s Epiphany”, “Towards Compassion: Understanding the Pressures on Your Husband”, “Serenity Now!” and “Mother Matters: Affirming a Mother’s Role.” I have published poetry works in the Library of Congress edition, “Echoes of the Century” by Pen Publisher and poetry in a local Northwest publication, “Spiral Journey” located in the Pacific Northwest. I was forced to take a break from pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Education due to my recovery. I am a stay-at-home mom and writing once again:).



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