HUGE VICTORY! African Civilians Kill 200 Boko Haram Terrorists In Borno!

Kudos to the people of Nigeria who stood up against Haram and his murderers….

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

Two of them hold a flag in the backgroundAwaiting news of the girls, but Bolo Harem’s men have been SLAUGHTERED! 

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau speaks on the video for 17 minutesBoko Haram is gone, the people stood up!! This is what happens when people stand up! 

Well done to the people of Rann in Nigeria, they killed half Boko Haram’s Army! 

Video Via Daboo7

The rise of civilians against terror has taken the Boko Haram saga to a new turn.
Citizens of Rann, headquarters of Kala-Balge a local government area in northeast Borno, received intelligence of an impending Boko Haram attack and decided not to remain sitting ducks but prepare for battle.
According to reports received from Civilian sources in Borno, over 400 Boko Haram terrorists stormed Rann and neighbouring villages in the early hours of Tuesday. They proceeded with their usual convoy of Hilux trucks, motorcycles and APC (Armored Personnel Carriers) only to be met by villagers ready for them. The civilian villagers pounced on the terrorists with…

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