Off to see the judge!

Today I pack my bags and tomorrow I leave for the city (Mpls) to report to a Skype session with a judicial judge who will, once again, make a determination as to whether or not I am eligible to receive disability benefits for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Myofascial Pain Disease.

My first claim was denied through the process four times.  There are no tests that can prove these are the illnesses that one has.  They must go by what the patient states.  Various meds are prescribed for us by bewildered doctors who are guessing at what they can do for us.  Many become angry thinking it is just impossible to have all the symptoms accompanying the illnesses with not a trace of any of our bloodwork being out of sync or scans or vitals, something to indicate something is awry.

More frustrating, of course, is the fact that those of us with these illnesses cannot prove we are so very very  sick.  I have spent months being bedridden, so weak and fatigued I couldn’t shower, or make a sandwich, or play with my grandchild.  We are talking massive fatigue, pain of every kind and duration, along with IBS, weight gain from a sedentary lifestyle, reactions to meds, normal exercise exacerbates our symptoms,   the list goes on and on.  I am merely stating the fact here.  I look normal unless you see me in bed for days or weeks.

So tomorrow, after being denied three times again on this second claim of mine, I will plead with the human kindness of one particular soul who will make a determination as to whether he believes me or not.

I pray!  My connection with God is now entirely impenetrable.  I seek nothing more than His kindness, approval and grace.  He has used my struggles and challenges to serve Him by teaching me to do for  others on the computer.  I cannot serve Him physically but I can by spreading His Word to those who are in desperate need of it.  Because, you know What?  There is no other way to get the peace and joy within, than through Him.  Jesus is my Lord and Savior.  The Holy Spirit guided me through the entire novel that I wrote, “Courage Times Three”, which has a positive impact on people to be the best they can be.

Please pray that my judge, this time around, will hear and see my pain and suffering for what it is.  I struggle, yet I am content in Him.  Blessings going out to all today that your day, your week, your health will be all it can be.  Brenda




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