CTT on creatspace   cover“Are you here by yourself?” she whispered as I sat near the back of the church.  This church that was oh so familiar to me but that I hadn’t seen in at least 25  years.  “Yes, I am alone” I modestly responded to this tall beautiful woman who looked half my age and had the prettiest smile I had seen in a long time.  One of those people whose eyes smile when their mouth does, you know?

“Would you mind if I sit here next to you” she asked in a continued whisper of a voice.  “Oh!  Please do sit with me” I cheerily stated as a huge smile spread across my solemn face.

This church, the church I attended Sunday School at and was confirmed and married at.  My family church growing up that had closed down for years was now newly occupied by a non-denominational group with a Baptist background.  And Patty!  Patty who saw a need in me to be befriended by herself and others here in this bride of Jesus’.  My instant sense of comfort, of course, came from the familiarity of knowing this building.

My greatest gift, however, came not entirely from this beautiful group of fine Christians who were mostly middle aged and had a genuine love for the Lord that spoke volumes in their kindnesses and kindred spirits, but from Patty.

Patty and her husband, Kenny, were two Christians who had been walking the walk for several years and truly lived the life of good faith  in serving our Lord’s purposes for them.  Such kindred spirits, they took me under their wing, taught me how to live with peace, joy and contentment in my sickly life with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  God used them as a tool to help me learn to lean on Him with all of my woes.  As time elapsed and I learned to do just that, soon I received a miracle from Jesus after crying out for Him to give me sleep.  He did.  I never had to take another sleeping pill to sleep at night.  That was nearly five years ago.

I first met them in 2005.  I had been sick since 04 and had been living alone without a husband or children since 2001.  Jesus gave me sleep in 2009.  I was already a born-again Christian but my walk had a long way to go and still does.  But I learned one thing, my health?  my spirits? my self-worth?  all improved in knowing God.  Know God!  You will never ever be sorry!



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