Churches Demise in Regard to Supporting Gays

A church we have attended in the past few years is losing its membership, especially in the past year.  Many of the congregation depart to the south as snowbirds in their retirement years now.  But in this past year, it’s been the younger crowd that is departing from the body of this church.  As with numerous churches in today’s generation, without the financial support of these younger folks, it is next to impossible to keep doors open.

I would imagine the drop off has something to do with the church’s stance on gays.  Although they are all welcomed in the church, the message they support or not support regarding the open showing of love between two people of the same sex is not necessarily a welcome sight.

The church will likely not change its stance on this matter in the near future which, in a fairly short period of time, will likely see the demise of it’s existence.  It is, therefore, sad to say that the gay lifestyle has had such an impact of a house of God.  May He bless your home, all those who are gay, gay supporters, and parents of gays.  It’s a difficult situation to discuss and understand for those who feel differently.  However, everybody has the right to feel as they do too.  I don’t agree with broadcasting your views on this lifestyle from either side.  Let everyone live in peace with their own private thoughts about race, religion and sexual preferences.


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