Courage Times Three. A Novel

Courage Times Three. A Novel

Lilly Demornais is but a child when she is sent to live underground on the border of France and Germany, hiding out from Nazi troops who will kill her on a dime just because she has Jewish blood running through her veins. Having a Catholic upbringing made no difference to the Nazis as long as she had Jewish blood within her.

Barely surviving in a cold, dank cellar of an elderly couple’s home for a few years nearly killed lovely Lilly. Good fortune brought her to an underground newspaper where she could assist in getting crucial news out to many.

Lilly is pleased to meet Valentin, a Polish man fighting for the French Resistance troops, overseeing the safety of the couriers carrying the news of the Allies movements, along with the safety of those working within the underground offices.

With the war’s ending these now adult survivor’s struggle to remain alive until at last reaching their destiny in France.

Following their stay in Paris, Valentin, Lilly and her mother, Madeleine, uproot themselves and cross the frigid waters of the North Atlantic to New York City. Eventually they find the place where they hope to raise a family and live life with all of the freedoms offered in America.

A first novel for Brenda Brown Elliott, she possesses just the right verbage to hold the readers interest throughout. Awe inspiring descriptions of fabulous vacation destinations make you want to be right there in their shoes. Each part of the story coalesces in conformity with the overall theme of survival, appreciation of the many freedoms and opportunities they receive in the United States of America during the industrial revolution.

Fun details unveiled of Christmas traditions in European countries from years past, make their way into the Baranowsky’s cozy living room lit by soft amber lighting upon the beautifully dressed Christmas tree in Minnnesota, U.S.A.

A fun read filled with factual historic events as well as appreciation for all they have in life is rewarded by their great faith in the Lord.



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