My Intelligent Husband

My wonderful husband and myself

My wonderful husband and myself

More than two years ago I married a wonderful man who lived his life serving his country, injured his back in the line of duty, then came home to work numerous odd jobs, mostly as a truck driver and mechanic.  Having become distanced from his parents and siblings at a young age, spending time at a ranch for bad boys, he lived through some amazingly grueling times with some unspeakable wrongs done to him….

He met and married a young waitress, had two children and lived on the road for ten years as a long distance trucker while his wife did what she could to raise two daughters in the eighties and nineties.  Life was a struggle and all lived from paycheck to paycheck.  Making mistakes through life made both his and his wife’s existence a difficult one with alcohol, drugs, and improper behavior all the way around.

As many of us had done, we were baby boomers and thought we would make a huge difference for ourselves and our kids in this world by pushing for younger drinking ages, legalizing drugs, permitting abortions and growing our hair long, hippies in many ways.  But one day things changed for us.  I became single after twenty two years and had been sick for eight years when we met.  He got in trouble with the law and his life changed as well as mine.  We both found God.

Not only did we find God but our entire lifestyles changed.  No more alcohol, cigarettes, swearing, drugs, just God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit.  Do you know what it is like when God finally reaches back to us in our hour of need?  So desperately reaching out for something to save us from our failed life.  I was already widowed from a young age when my husband died from a drunken car accident with him driving and killing others in his car.  I didn’t find God.  I ran from loneliness and fear.

My new husband had an affair which ended his marriage after years of misery on both sides.  My second partner and I lived together for 22 years with our ending the relationship due to his alcoholism and his affair.  Yup!  I knew how to pick em.  Except this one had burned and learned before we met.  For many years he had been clean and sober, a born-again Christian.  As my life went forward, I suffered CO poisoning which caused a lifetime chronic illness.  We met, we related majorly.  We married within six months.  It’s been 2.5 years and we haven’t ever had a fight.  A few indifferences but never fighting.  We honor and respect each others space and beliefs.  I asked God to bring me deeper into the Word and He brought my husband and I together online.  The sweetest day in my life in many many years.

He decided to go back to school, college, for a degree in computer technology.  He worked hard, kept his nose to the grind, even made the Dean’s List.  At 59 years of age.  This man is so well read, theologically, it amazes me.  There isn’t anything he cannot do.  A highly intelligent man lived through much of his life working poor paying jobs in comparison to what he could have done with an education.  I encouraged him to go and all the way through these past two years, I knew he would excel in his studies.

I am here telling  you this story because I am sooo proud of him and proud to be his wife.  He opens the restaurant door and car door for me.  He does the grocery shopping.  He loves me with all of my weaknesses from my chronic illness.  He married me regardless because he knew my love for him, my love for God, centered us completely.

I love you dear and am so pleased God brought us together.  Thank you Lord.  You know best.  Always and forever.

I wrote a novel and he has paid for all of the costs of getting on my feet with it.  He encouraged me and is proud to be married to an author.  He tries his best to understand my need to remain sedentary with my illness.  And still loves me.  Life is good and I have the world’s best husband ever.  People can and do change.  The next time you meet someone who doesn’t match up to your expectations in their physical looks, please don’t judge.  They may well have changed.  Although my husband is extremely good looking and is very well groomed.



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  1. Almark
    Apr 19, 2014 @ 21:29:12

    It is a wonderful thing what God is doing in your life, I am so pleased to see love of God these days, especially love of Christ in such a dark world. I wish you both well for the rest of your days, a touching story indeed.


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