What’s So Good about It?

Nobody is right or wrong on this subject. Good Friday or Thanksgiving are celebrated holidays (from Holy Days) by many people throughout the world. Every Bible reading individual has the right to view what days he/she recognizes as holy or holier than others.

Do What's Right

Today is called Good Friday on the traditional Christian calendar.

One person regards one day holier than other days, and another regards them all alike. Each must be fully convinced in his own mind. (Romans 14:5 NET)

I am not oblivious to the popular seasonal celebrations. No one has to tell me that God mandated in the Law Covenants certain ritual celebrations on certain days of the year. Nor does anyone have to tell me that the New Testament stood some of the Law on its head. For example, there was the reversal of several issues like divorce and or even something so simple as whether a man should cover his head in worship.

The Law Covenants were a contextual reflection or manifestation of cosmic reality. Observe the meaning of the Law and you are working with Creation. Resist the Laws and you will be fighting Creation. God offered a…

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