Adopt a loving animal

Adopt a loving animal

As a newbie author of a Historical Christian Fiction novel, I spend quite a bit of time wondering just what my sole purpose is in publishing this writing……

This story had been in my mind for years.   I was inspired by folks who had lived through World War II and the Holocaust.  I could see past pain in their eyes.  They survived, ending up in Sun City, Arizona living their retirement years in peace and sunshine.

These are people who often wondered if they would be alive tomorrow.  They wondered what they would eat tomorrow.  They shivered in the bitter cold of their homes which had little to no heat in the dead of winter.  They knew war firsthand.  They also knew God, firsthand.  When they prayed to God it wasn’t always just to ask Him to improve their circumstances, it was also to thank Him for giving them another day of life, regardless of those circumstances.

How can we, here in the United States, at half the age of these war survivors, complain about our lives at all when compared to them?  It is nearly laughable!  Don’t you agree?  How minimal and trivial are our problems in comparison to knowing if we would actually survive life’s circumstances?

Today I think of Thanksgiving as a time to be extra appreciative of our families, our parents, our co-workers.  These are not just folks we see everyday and don’t give a damn about who they are?Do you know somebody at work who doesn’t come dressed to the hilt every day because they are stretching their every dollar from paycheck to paycheck?  Maybe doing something really nice for that person would make you feel better than going shopping on black Friday for the best deals around?  For items you really do not need?

I challenge you to take these situations into consideration this holiday season.  Think about giving to others.  Make your life count.  Make someone feel that sense of love through your giving.  You will be really really happy you did.

I realize I wrote my novel about these people because it desperately needed to be read here in these United States of America.  It’s an inspirational story of war and peace, love and giving.  Do I hope to make big money from my writing?  Sometimes.  I am human.  I  need money because we, my husband and I, are considered poor in this country with what we have to live on.  We both have disabilities but God sees us through every challenge and provides us money in ways we don’t always know about.  The point is, we usually recognize when good comes into our lives, especially unexpectedly.  I thank Him every time I turn around and  something good happens for us.

We are far from perfect and we make many mistakes.  We haven’t been to church in several months.  And I cannot tell you why.  Mostly due to sickness and somewhat due to misunderstandings.  But I have found even though we don’t attend church right now, it doesn’t mean we aren’t still Christians.  Because we certainly are.  I just want you to know how many times a day I think about God and His work in me.  In us.  What will we give to others this holiday season?  We have plans and ideas for giving.  I hope you all do too……Sending oodles of hugs and love to all…………….BBE


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